Request a professional to repair your Neff appliance


How much does a Neff repair cost?

The cost of a Neff appliance repair is dependent upon the age, model and state of the appliance. In many cases, the cost of a reach is but a fraction of its replacement cost. Also since the appliance won't need to be taken away from your property, its faster to complete and more convenient.

When can a Neff repair be arranged?

The professionals provide Neff repairs at flexible time slots, including weekends and evenings after prior arrangement. The team always aim to offer a same day/next day service where possible.

I am a property manager needing Neff repairs?

The team can work with various property managers, letting agents and landlords for Neff repair.

Are Neff appliance repairs worthwhile for obsolete models?

Whilst the highest chance of repair is with appliances under 6 years due to a readily available supply of spare parts, Neff repairs are possible for older models, if parts can be acquired. The objective is to always service your appliance before replacement.

Neff Repair

Great customer service is at the heart of any good Neff repair and the field engineers and technicians are able to carry out an affordable appliance repair service from beginning to end.

Each Neff repair is completed using only appropriate parts and processes for a professional service for properties.

With fast responsive rates, the majority of Neff repairs are done in just one visit from the helpful appliance repairers.

To book a Neff repair, just fill in the online form shown or phone the customer service advisers during businesses hours.

Neff repair

Neff Appliance Repair

If you need your Neff appliances repaired, Appliance Fixing is a way to find professionals in your local area.

The friendly engineers and technicians aim to get your Neff appliance back up and running in the quickest time possible.

Established since 1877, Neff is a German manufacturer of high quality household appliances and thus you'll want a domestic appliance repair which fulfils these standards.

Neff repair covers a range of integrated and freestanding appliances including:

• Tumble dryers
• Washer dryers
• Washing machines
• Dishwashers
• Fridge freezers
• Cookers
• Hobs
• Ovens

Some of the problems with Neff appliances which the team have fixed include:

• Door not closing fully
• Not turning on
• Not cooling
• Not heating up
• Leaking
• Not draining
• Error codes
• Broken handles, hinges, knobs, bulbs, and buttons
• Not spinning

Whatever problems you are finding with your Neff appliance, can offer a cost-effective and effective repair service.

Providing excellent customer service is important to the staff and they'll answer any questions that you might have about a Neff appliance repair.

Booking your Neff repair with the professionals is straightforward - simply use the online form provided or phone the UK call centre during business hours.

Recent Enquires

i have a neff c57m70s0 gb combination oven/microwave which is about 6 years old. the oven/grill works fine but the microwave has stopped working. can is be repaired?


10 year old neff integrated dishwasher leaking then stopped working.light on control panel was a tap sign1. is repair possible2.if not are you fitting at the moment and how much does it cost?thank you


neff was losing power before end of cycle. now got no power at all. problem started after using finish intensive clean and care.


problem with neff microwave h5430n0gb02 fd8501we pressed the bottom to open it there was a blue flash and a noise doesnt turn on at all. do you charge a call out fee live in northwich


neff u1644 the ceiling that holds the grill element in the upper compartment of the oven has come loose and dropped a screw has fallen out the light is also not working


s4130f0gb21 neff dishwasher installed x I think the water inlet solenoid has stopped working. runs ok once water is added manually.


neff sd11x1fsounds like it is draining but no water is going in. not cleaning at all


built in neff microwave oven h5642n0gb02.start button on control panel has stopped working and needs to be replaced.


neff slot in oven not workin


re neff microwave : h5972n0gb/01hello we spoke yesterday. having now found various correspondence, I believe it is the pcb/power module which needs replacing as the magnetron has been replaced 20 months ago. sorry for the confusion. deborah


neff fan oven back element blew on xmas day.


neff microwave no sign of any controls